Time Traveler Says He Saw Dinosaurs in The Past

Hey Paranormal Globe readers! ApexTV here! We recently interviewed a man who claims to be from the year 2082. He claims he came back to 2018 to tell people about the future, and in doing so he mentioned that on one of his missions, he traveled 60 million years into the past and saw dinosaurs with his own eyes.

The man, who wished to keep his identity private, alleged that the time machine he used was a small, spherical device in which could levitate above and stay invisible so he didn’t alter the timeline in any way.

Here’s our interview with the man:

In our exclusive video interview, he also told about what our future supposedly holds. He said that time travel would be released to the public in the year 2028, but we have the ability to time travel right now in 2018.

What do you think? Is this man a real time traveler? Be sure to leave a comment letting us know your thoughts! Subscribe to ApexTV on YouTube and keep reading Paranormal Globe for more videos and articles like this!


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