Seven Most Haunted Places in the World

Either you believe it or not the land of the world is full of spooky stories that are happening in the past time. So this articles will provide you the brief information of the most haunted place in the world.

Prague, Czech Republic

Ghost wander was found in the streets of Prague. A headless Templar adventurer allegedly walks about at night in the street of Prague holding his own head in his hand.  There is a whiz annoying to escape from Prague “the gates of hell”. In the castle of Houska land there is a building reportedly constructed to cover the hole that is full of whizzes?It is not confirmed that whether or not these are whizzes but some dark stuff was likely to occur at the castle. It was a rumoured that it was the place of Nazi occult trails during the World War II.

Sighisoara, Romania

The craze of the vampire has been fizzled out but Sighisoara is worthy to visit if you interested in the history of the occupant who was motivated by the Dracula. The Impaler was Vlad, the brutal Prince of Wallachia was ill-reputed in the 1400s due to his violence and cruelty. Wallachia killed many people and allegedly impaled them on the lands of his estate. Today adventurer people can visit his childhood home which turns into a torture museum. If you truly brave you will also climb on haunted steps during night time to the Holy Trinity Church.

Poveglia Island, Venice, Italy

In Italy, Venice land is listed in the most haunted place in the world.  It’s surely a heavy title but I believe that the history Poveglia Island deserves it. The island was used for isolation epidemic victims during 1900s. After that refuge was developed on the island.

St. Augustine Lighthouse, St. Augustine, Florida

In the Augustine, the lighthouse is considered another most haunted place in the world. During the civil war, the light of the lighthouse was removed in order to put Union shipping in difficult. Due to which there were many casualties that lead to deaths. At this place, the ghastly noise has been reported and even some reported that children of the ghost playing around the lighthouse. Nowadays visitors can go there at night time ghost tours. When the visitor goes there keep an eye on light housekeeper for the ghost who has been usually available on the ground.

The Sultan’s Palace

The beauty of the classic French palace was due to its wrought-iron balconies along with a huge courtyard. During the 1800s this palace was the horrors for the sultan. He was a wealthy man with a wicked lifestyle, have numerous wives and children, and a harem of women and young boys detained beside their will. Neighbours have always reposted complain regarding his secretive habits of this man who had a weakness for revelry, opium, and torture. But other than that the greatest mystery in this house was the Sultan’s death, the Sultan was buried alive in the courtyard when his family and harem were hacked in a massacre by the strange culprit. Today, it has been reported that his angry soul is thought to be responsible for the strange noises, loud music and strong incense smells that breeze from the home

Igorot Burial Caves – Echo Valley, Sagada, Philippines

From many past decades, the dead bodies of the small town named Sagada citizen have been dropping in coffins along with cliffs in the Echo Valley in the Philippines. The tradition stalks according to the Igorot belief that dropping the bodies of the victim gets closer to heaven. They also believe that by doing this they keep the dead bodies far away from the hunting animals. It has been seen that some coffins have fallen from the cliffs due to decay, they leaving the grounds below a depressing. The coffins attached on the cliffs, loads of coffins block the burial caves below. The local citizen of the town Sagada reported that it not only caffeine that remains in the Echo Valley. It has been having the wayward shadow moving here and there and different voices are heard. there is a rumour that in the cave there is a ghostly mischief it is generally said that if visitors just show some respect and leave the coffins alone, you’ll make it out of the valley unharmed.

Linda Vista Hospital – Los Angeles, California, USA

The Linda Vista Hospital was developed in the Los Angeles. After some years the hospital building was decline rapidly. The reports of strange voices, crying sound at night, the appearance of ghosts and sounds of ghostly insanely disturbing buzzing were increasing day by day. Local people said that little girl found hanging in the old surgical rooms and sometimes she tried to hold the hand on another person.

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