Portal opens up above New Jersey, USA

A series of strange lights which appeared over New Jersey left some residents fearing an extra-dimensional portal had opened.

A video, shot in the dark of night, shows a purple-pinkish light appearing in the skies of the American state.

The footage was uploaded to popular conspiracy YouTube channel SecureTeam10.

Narrator of the video, Tyler, believes the glow, which is flickering, is a byproduct of a UFO or it could be a portal to another dimension.

One viewer wrote in the comment section of the video: “It really does look like a portal trying to open.

“Or it could be a black hole. I’m not sure but it definitely looks like something trying to open to me.”

And others speculated it could be a result of the apocalyptic Planet X heading towards our planet.

Planet X, or Nibiru, is a supposed planetary system which is heading in from deep space and will pass through our solar system, destroying all celestial bodies in its wake.

One person wrote: “It could be debris from the Planet X system drifting down to Earth, ionising heavily.”

Another claimed: “That’s just a NASA Vapor Tracer test.”

However, there were some people who offered a more logical conclusion.

Daniel Condor, another YouTuber, said: “First answer= some guy flicking a lighter inside a car at night while other guy is filming reflection from inside a car’s side window, sped up.”

Others say that nature may have played its part, believing it was ball lightning – when lightning in the sky appears as a ball as opposed to long thing strikes, a rare but plausible phenomenon

User Dysstatic wrote: “It’s a plasma ball (also referred to as ball lightning) rare but happens enough to be fairly well documented.

“Looks like it is arching out trying to fully form.”

What do you think, real or fake?  SecureTeam10 aren’t really trustworthy so you can decide for yourselves.

SOURCE: Daily Express


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