Man spotted walking in the clouds

A video has been shared on Facebook of what looks like a person walking across the clouds.

The person who posted the video simply said “I was filming the storm and spotted this guy crossing the clouds”.


What do you make of it?


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  1. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if God hung around like this? Unfortunately, the moment I saw this I recognized it as a high altitude tornado. It spawned high above the ground from the storm but was fed by the cold air of the jet stream above it. It actually will spin upside down, sending warm storm air into the colder jet stream due to the reverse way it is created which makes it look unfamiliar and crazy. I couldn’t even tell you where I’ve seen this before but I have. Now that is weird.

  2. I sort of said that backwards. The small end of the funnel is up in the jet stream pulling cooler air down into the storm. I am not a meteorologist so please forgive my faux pas. We will likely see more of this as global warming continues to change the Earth’s climate. I suspect this is more harmful than a tornado that feeds from below as it is causing harsh erosion to the upper stratosphere. Pulling cold from the jet stream is effectively warming it.

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