Are Ghosts Safe? Some Reasons Ghosts Can’t Hurt You

The interest toward paranormal activity is growing. These days there are people and organizations which are called “Ghostbusters”. They are experts in how to catch a ghost in your house at a price. Mediums, spiritual sessions, and Tarot cards are accepted as a norm and don’t surprise anyone. The human nature resides in knowing the existence of the spiritual world.

Many a one is certain that ghosts can only be evil and hurtful, that they provoke people for bad actions and lead us astray. Is this an absolute truth? In our article, we will be looking at the ghosts from a positive view.

Ghost experts and a ghost detector

The reports about spirits frequently include detailed information about abrupt changes in temperature and “cold spots” in a certain room or place. Thermal or tomographic cameras are able to detect these changes with infra-red rays.

Electronic voice phenomenon connects with voices of spirits and other paranormal sounds, recorded on the dictaphone.

As a rule, ghostbusters use simple devices of sound record, but some of them apply the hi-tech ultrasonic examples. They catch sounds that are not accessible to a human ear and convert them to a needed audio frequency range.

Another way to detect a ghost is to place the movement detector and to follow everything that is happening in the house. 

Together with thermal cameras, the ghost’s experts use the full range cameras. They detect the light radiation out of human view.

What kind of good spirits do we know? And how do they help us?

A house spirit

According to several Slavic legends and tales, the spirits who live in your house are the guardians of its fire and defenders from other evil spiritual powers. They can also help you on a consumer grade – to find something that is lost. If you want to get help from such guardian, just address to the creature with all the respect. Probably the poltergeist or, if you wish “these powers” will bring to the place where this thing is. Don’t forget to thank the spirit. It is very important for your future cooperation. The voices during the night dreaming, household help, and even the live rescue are explained by the presence of these creatures.

Inventing poltergeists

Parapsychologist put forward an assumption that the spirits are the specific energetic essence, produced by the glial cells of the brain in the highest moment of suffering, shock or emotional trauma. In some measure, it explains why we feel somebody’s attendance after the death of our relative or a close person.

In other words, we see and hear what we want, and all the interruptions from inside are safe as it is only a phantom of our imagination.


It is very shallow to believe that evil can’t be useful to people. In some situation it can help, nothing is white or black in life. The peak of activity of evil creatures coincides with the warm seasons when people spend a lot of time outside, near the riversides and nature.

The mermaids can tickle into the grave, the pucks lure the young women into the forest and water spirits long to lug away the lonely swimmer to the bottom of the water pond. But all the creatures can save a human’s life.

Such behavior is more like exclusion from common rules. The skeptics are sure that bright powers help us only in the extreme cases, at once when evil forces make emotional and energetic attacks at any opportunity. They do this with a unique goal – to receive our energy which feeds them. And what is interesting that the more we fight them, the more active they become.

The best way out is to live own life and to think less about supernatural.

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What is the usual time for ghost’s appearance?

There is no fixed time for ghosts’ activity. However, there is a tendency whereby people see ghosts when their living environment is calm. Usually, it happens on the sunset or in the evening. The opinion that the poltergeist comes in the midnight is wrong.

People also see them during several days after a death of someone dear to heart.

How should you behave when you meet a spirit?

Try to be polite and respectful as more as you can. Ask what is she or he doing here and what do they need? Ask what can you do for them. The ghost can’t hurt us physically. Their abrupt appearance can scare us, and this is only the reaction of our mind. That is why try to stay calm and confident, maybe the spirit is lost and ask for help.

*this post was written by Sandra Larson



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