Dear David viral ghost story is being made into a movie

You have most probably heard about the ‘Dear David’ ghost story over the past year. I have posted a few articles on here about it and it has been all over other news sites and social media.

If you haven’t head of Dear David, it all started last year when Adam Ellis started tweeting about a child ghost with half a head that he said was haunting his apartment. Even when he moved to a different apartment he was still being haunted by the ghost.

His story first started out with a tweet about when he first saw Dear David during an episode of sleep paralysis, the story then kept growing over the months to eventually tweeting photos of Dear David himself.

Since he first started tweeting his story Adam has gathered more than one million followers on his twitter account.

Adam who used to work for Buzzfeed, will see his story on the big screen after reports that Buzzfeed studios are partnering with Dan Lin (producer of ‘IT’) to create a film which is currently named as ‘The Untitled Dear David Project’

The movie will apparently be based on Adam’s tweets and photos which he still insists are all true.

So was it his plan all along to get a movie deal?  Was the movie already in the works and this was just viral advertising to get people interested? or is Adam Ellis telling the truth and he is actually being haunted by a child ghost with half a head?

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