Does this video show a ghost throwing cushions in the garden

Its been a while since my last post. It’s that time of year for parties, gatherings and get togethers and hangovers! that there hasn’t been that much free time lately to post anything.

I did come across this video today though.

Womens Olympic hockey Gold Medalist Sam Quek has shared CCTV footage of her garden as she thinks a ghost may be responsible for throwing cushions around in her garden in the middle of the night.

The footage was taken at her Wirral home in Merseyside, UK.


Sam shared it on Facebook and Twitter asking her followers “Paranormal Activity or Paranoid”?

Many have suggested it could be the wind but Sam says that it was a still night. Also she says that the cushions were thrown again an hour later.

Others have said it could be small animal moving the cushions or even an entity of a small animal.

One of her social media followers said “Hope it’s not Spring-heeled Jack ? Seems he was a Victorian spirit who used to chase servant girls in Liverpool ?”

What do you think?  Gusts of wind, animals, or paranormal activity?



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