Remarkable footage of two UFO’s over Almelo in Holland

A video showing a white orb UFO and a dark triangular shaped UFO in the skies above Almelo, eastern Holland, was sent to the Dutch MUFON equivalent (UFO Meldpunt Nederland).

The co-founder of UFO Meldpunt Nederland says “We received this remarkable footage.

“I am by no means a drone expert, so I’m mostly going by the (Dutch) remarks the witnesses made throughout the video.

“Namely that the light appears to move way too fast and is too high up for a drone. Both of which could be challenged, I suppose.

“Personally, I’m more curious whether white/blue is a common light configuration for a drone. As for the triangle you see at the end, the witness mentions it can’t be a kite because it has moved closer by a significant distance over the past minutes.

“In their previous report (they submitted two) they mention the triangle turned around its axis and took off, while slowly accelerating.

“This is one of the more confounding videos we’ve received recently

What do you make it?



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