Ghost child caught on camera at an old textile mill

Soul Reaper Paranormal, a ghost hunting team based in the UK have capture an apparition of what looks to be child in a doorway of an old textiles mill in England.

After sharing the photo on their Facebook page some comments suggested the image could be graffiti or a painted figure on the wall, but another photo taken of the same doorway shows there is nothing on the wall that could have made the figure.

During their investigation at the old mill, the team captured some of their best evidence yet of the paranormal.

On their YouTube video the team said ” Tonight soul reaper paranormal investigate a historic textile mill that was built in the 1800’s.

This was a random investigation but it has produced some of our best evidence of the afterlife.

Watch now as an unseen force does something totally unexpected.

The place was truly incredible and we do plan to return.

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