A birthday party with a poltergeist

This is an old poltergeist video, it looks like it first appeared back in 2011, you may have already seen it, however I have only just discovered it.

The clip starts off with what seems to be just a normal birthday party for a child named Christina, celebrating together with family and friends.

Everything seems to be normal as they start singing happy birthday, but then all of a sudden the kitchen tap turns on by itself!

A soon as the tap turns on, the person behind the camera can clearly be heard saying “Oh my god Tommy, its going to start again” and they start to become very distressed. Christina starts to become very scared and runs to her uncle.

Then suddenly the draws in the kitchen cabinets start to violently open and close by themselves, throwing one drawer onto the floor. The adults quickly move the kids into another room.

Here is the video

I have heard that some people thought it was fake while a good few believe it was real. It seems quite authentic as everyone seemed to be genuinely scared unless they are quite good actors.

Have you seen this video before and if so was it proven to be real or fake?


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