Auckland couple capture a UFO on camera that has been flying above their home for a year

Lance and Patricia Rasmussen from Auckland, New Zealand, have been seeing UFO’s hovering above their home for the past year, so they set up security cameras to film the UFO’s and released it for everyone to see.

The couple have no idea what the objects could be but they don’t believe them to be a drones or planes.

The footage they recorded shows an orb type UFO which darts quickly in different directions for a short time before shooting off camera.

Lance says that the objects a normally shape-shifting spheres that are three times the size of a CD.

He said “They fly and they change shape and they can stay up for more than two or three hours and can change shape and colours right in front of your eyes,’ he said.

“I don’t know if they mean any harm or anything like that, but it’s pretty out there.’

The couple have made an unofficial report to the Civil Aviation Authority.

“In the case of UFOs we would usually tell them that if there was something untoward then we’d expect airways or pilots to have something to say,’ a CAA spokesperson said.

What do you make if this?


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