Evil spirits scratch and torment woman and her young son

A young mother living in York, UK, says that her one bedroom council flat is haunted by evil spirits that scratch her and torment her one year old son.

Tracy Bruce said the ghosts take on the forms of an animal, child and a man. The hauntings are so bad that she has been forced to leave her home.

She has witnessed her sons toy cars make noises on their own while the toys are switched off and electrical plugs pull themselves out of the wall sockets. She also claims to have been scratched by what felt like a claw.

Tracy said “Four days ago I went back to the flat and ended up being scratched.

“I know it seems far-fetched, but I had my hair dryer plugged into the wall and the plug came out of the socket all by itself.

“I then went downstairs with a pain on my back and there was a big 5cm scratch.

“It looked like a claw mark and it disappeared the next day,”

She has taken photo’s of the spirits to prove they are real.

Tracy said “I’m sick of people telling me they are reflections, light or dust.”

“I’m petrified to go back there with my son – I feel uncomfortable in there and the atmosphere changes at night.

“My son would be screaming from morning to night and as soon as he came out the house he was a completely different child.

“I’ve felt like something is making me angry and it changes how I think and feel.

“I’ve never believed in ghosts before but I do now and nobody can say to me ‘they don’t exist’.”

Tracy is currently living with her parents as York City Council are refusing to allow her to move to a new place as they said that after reviewing the evidence the case does not meet the criteria to move the tennant to a new home.

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