Mysterious cases of Time Slips

Have you ever experienced or know of anyone who has briefly jumped in time or slipped into a different period in time?  Known as a time slip.

A few years ago something strange happened to me on the way home from work one December evening.

I was driving home from work along the same route I took everyday. As it was December it gets dark pretty quick, usually around 4pm. I left work around 5:30 pm so it was pitch dark when I was on the road.

The journey home seemed normal and boring as usual however upon driving down a certain long stretch of road something weird happened.

This long stretch road is a few miles long with 2 distinctive junctions which are controlled by traffic lights.  I drove past the first junction then passed the garage which is around halfway on towards the second junction, then all of a sudden I found myself back heading towards the first junction/traffic lights again!  I was shocked and slightly confused.  I could have sworn I had already drove past them a few minutes earlier.

Had I jumped back in time a few minutes? I didn’t check the clock which I really should have done at the time but I was confused as to what just happened. I also remember feeling weary as if I had just snapped out of a trance at the time it happened.

It freaked me out somewhat. I still drive down the same road but nothing has ever happened again since that night.

I still think about it every now and again, trying to figure out an explanation, maybe I was tired and thought I was further down the road than I actually was, maybe I had just zoned out because it was the same journey I took everyday. Or I did somehow travel back in time even if it was only a few minutes.

I was thinking of that strange night today and decided look at some cases of time slips and thought I would share some of these strange time slip cases with you.


The Old Fashioned Hotel


In October 1979 a widely publicised case took place. It appeared on Strange But True tv show here in the UK.

Two English married couples known as the Simpsons and the Grisby’s were travelling through France en route to Spain for a holiday.

On their way they stopped off and stayed overnight at an old-fashioned hotel. They left in the morning and continued their journey to Spain.

During their return trip they decided to stop off at the same hotel, except they were unable to find it. They were in the exact same place but it did not exist. If that wasn’t strange enough, the photographs they took of the hotel were missing, even the negatives from which the photos were developed were gone too.


The Battle of Nechtansmere


On January 2nd 1950 there was a cocktail party being held in the little town of Brechin, Scotland.

The party was attended by a lady known as Miss E.F. Smith. She was about 55 years old and was a resident of the village Letham.

Miss Smith left the party late after having drank quite a few of the cocktails. Driving conditions were extremely poor, however she drove home.

On her way home around 2 miles outside of Brechin she lost control of her car, skidded of the road and into a ditch!

She insisted that her accident was in no way due to her fainting, lapse of consciousness or any other factor. She also insisted that she did not get injured nor concussed.

She abandoned her car and continued her journey home on foot which was apparently around 8 miles.

It was around 2 am, she was around a mile away from Letham Village when she spotted groups of lights moving around in the distance. As she got closer she could see it was a group of shadowy figures carrying flaming torches.

She said  “they were obviously looking for their own dead… the one I was watching, the nearest one, would bend down and turn a body over, and, if he didn’t like the look of it, he just turned it back on its face and went on to the next one… There were several of them…. I supposed they were going to bury them”.

Miss Smith came to the conclusion that she had somehow stepped back in time and witnessed Pictish warriors in the late seventh century.


Liverpool Bold Street


One Saturday afternoon in July 1996, Frank and his wife Carol were visiting Liverpool’s Bold Street to do some shopping.

After leaving Central Station, Frank and Carol decided to split up to do their own shopping.  Frank went to HMV and Carol went to Dillons Book Store.

As Frank was walking up the incline near the Post Office towards Bold Street he suddenly noticed he had entered a strange oasis of quietness.

Suddenly he seen a small box van which looked something exactly if it was from the 1950’s.  It sped across the path honking its horn and narrowly missing him. He noticed the name on the van was ‘Caplins’

When he looked back at the van he noticed that he was actually standing in the middle of the road.  He then crossed to the other side and noticed that Dillons Book Store had ‘Cripps’ name above the door.  He looked into the store and was amazed to see women’s handbags and shoes instead of books.

Looking around he noticed that people were dress in 1940’s fashion.  He spotted a young girl in her 20’s dressed in a lime coloured top.  She was carrying a handbag that had a popular brand name on it which made Frank think that maybe he was still in 1996.  He followed the girl into the store.

As he entered the store with the girl the interior of the store completely changed in a flash back to that of Dillons Book Store.

The girl he had followed in suddenly turned around to leave. Frank grasped her arm and said “Did you see that?”

She replied ” Yeah I thought it was a clothes shop, I was going to look around, but its a bookshop”


White Building of Oklahoma


In 1971 a white Ford pickup pulled up to cattle pasture near Ponca City, Oklahoma, and it stopped at the gate.

The pick up driver and passengers Karl, Mark and Gordon all worked for a cattle feed distributor. They were sent to the remote area to pick up a feeder.  What they saw will for ever live in their memories.

“We opened the gate, which was barbed wire with no lock, and entered,” Karl said. “We went on the property, which was covered with grass up to and over the hood of the truck.”

“We realized the tank was almost half full and too heavy to load,” Karl said. We decided to leave and drove around the red barn and we saw a large, two-story white house, with no lights in front of us.”

They returned to the cattle feed company and their boss told the to drain the tank and they could pick it up the next day.

“We went to the location to retrieve the tank the next night,” Karl said. “This time we decided to go through the old white big house on the hill and brought our shotguns.”

They drove the pickup onto the land using the same path through the long grass they made the day before and loaded to tank onto the truck.  They then headed off towards the house.


“It was no longer there,” Karl said. “We walked up the hill where it stood and there were no signs of demolition, no foundation, nothing at all. What we all seemed to witness the night before was no longer there. We have talked to each other over the years but none of us can begin to explain this vision.”


Those are some of the strangest time slip stories I have read and heard about.

Have you experienced anything like this happen to you?

Have you seen or know someone who has seen into the past or jumped back in time for a brief moment. Or maybe jumped into the future.

Let us know your time slip experiences in the comments below. It would be great to see how common this phenomenon is.



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