Did a ghost take part in this group photo on a Halloween ghost hunt?

Did a ghost that haunts the abandoned Newsham Park Hospital and Orphanage in the UK make an appearance in this group photo?


A Reddit user ‘SuperWoosh’ shared the image to the Reddit community to find out whether what they see is a ghost or something easily explained?

On Halloween, 27 guests and 2 paranormal investigators took part in a ghost hunt at the abandoned building which was organised by the ghost hunting company ‘Haunted Happenings’.

At the beginning of every investigation, Haunted Happenings take a photo of the whole group before they set of on their hunt.

SuperWoosh explained ” Just to give some context: The Haunted Happenings investigators begin every evening by taking a photo of the whole group.

“So that’s what we did. 27 guests and 2 investigators stood ready to be photographed by the remaining investigator, who is behind the camera. Photo was taken, and we all began our evening.”

It wasnt until they looked back at the photo the following morning that they noticed a mysterious ‘grey girl’ in the centre of the picture with what also looks like a second face near her midriff.


Superwoosh said “If we include the grey girl and the face below her, that gives us a body count of 32 people (including the camera operator), which was impossible because there were only 30 people on the premises at the time.”

They say that the photo has not been manipulated in any way and they don’t have any know-how of using Photoshop

There are mixed comments from the Reddit community. Some believe this is definitely a ghost and it is one of the best things they have seen in a while, while others believe it’s either just a living person being shadowed by the people around her or that the photo has been photoshopped by the Haunted Happenings company as part of the whole experience.

Newsham park Hopstial and Orphanage now lies abandoned but was previously a hospital prior to which it was the Liverpool Seamen’s Orphan Institution, the Seamens Orphanage.

What do you think?

You can read the Reddit thread here 


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