Shadowman rushes towards camera in an abandoned asylum

A paranormal investigator believes he has caught a shadowman on camera as well as hearing a young girls voice.

Mark Veronon was investigating the Pool Parc Asylum in Ruthin, North Wales, UK, when he shot the video.

The footage shows what looks like a shadowman or a mist rushing towards the camera and Mark also claims the girl’s voice says “There’s a bad man over there”.

Mark said: “I was finding my bearings and looking for access to the upper floors, and came across this staircase at the back.

“When I checked the footage later I saw the mist rush towards me. It’s some kind of spirit – a different kind of ghost, but I have never seen that before.

“I obviously disturbed it because it came down the steps at me.

“Shadowmen can take different forms, they can appear however they want. If they know the cameras are there then they will come out.”

He also believes there was a ghost of a young girl at the asylum too.

He said: “She was saying ‘there’s a bad man over there’, whether it was this shadowman, I’m not sure, but she didn’t show herself.”


Stairs at the asylum
One of the rooms in the haunted building

The asylum dates back to the 1500’s when it had a long history of being an estate.

In 1930’s it was bought by the local health authority and converted into an convalescent home and then in 1949 it was used as an overflow hospital for the Denbigh mental asylum.

It has been abandoned for many years.

Mark is said to be planning another investigation at the building after Christmas to see if he can find anything else

He said ““We didn’t even scrape the bottom of the barrel there, which is why we need to go back.

“We believe the cellar is very active and we didn’t manage to get down there before, because there was so much else to distract us on the upper levels.”



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