Family talk to dead relative using an Amazon Fire TV Stick

Who knew that if you wanted to contact dead relatives all you need is an Amazon Fire TV stick!


A US family are claiming that they have been using their Amazon Fire TV stick to talk to dead relatives and have filmed themselves doing so to prove it.

The footage shows them watching their TV as a supposedly dead cousin talks to them using the on-screen keyboard.

You can hear the family laugh in disbelief as messages continue to appear on the tv screen.

A woman reads out the message on screen “‘Sure, tell (can’t make out name) I love him.”

She then says “I knew I was his favourite cousin”, then seems shocked as she shouts “Oh my god!”

The family then type “miss you, I wish I had two lives”

They then say that they are about to cry.

Some suggestions say that it is a practical joke and that their TV stick has actually been hacked.

What do you think?  Real, fake or is someone actually playing a practical joke on the family?

You might even want to give it a try. Get yourself an Amazon Fire TV Stick and see if you can talk to your dead relatives.


If you do manage to contact the dead then let me know.


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  1. Sure buy Amazon fire stick for 40 dollars and see. Nice plug for buying Amazon after they come under fire for banning books pertaining to certain topics!!

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