Is something harnessing energy from this thunderstorm?

There have been quite a few UFO’s witnessed and filmed during thunderstorms and this new footage is up there with the strangest of them.

The video was shot and uploaded to YouTube by user Drew Koenig. They noticed a storm approaching so they decided to go outside and film it. Little did they know they would film something very strange.

They suggest it could be something harnessing energy from the storm or even causing the storm.

Drew said “I went out to record an approaching storm and saw there was a ring of lights hovering at the base of the clouds. It was still, didn’t move.

“Phone cut recording and restarted for no reason. Once it came back on the storm was here and pouring outside, the lights were gone or I couldn’t see it through the rain”.

Is this something hovering in the middle of the storm clouds, and could it really be a UFO harnessing energy ?

Or is it just some sort of natural phenomenon?

What do you think?


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