Apparition of the woman who cursed Alton Towers appears in photo

A ghost hunter took a photo during a ghost hunt at Alton Towers theme park in Farley, UK, and believes she has captured a ghost.

The ghostly apparition

Sharon Kearns visited the theme park for a ghost walk joined by TV show Most Haunted’s Psychic medium and artist Brian Shepherd.

Those talking part in the ghost walk believe the apparition is that of the woman who cursed the theme park.

There is a legend that 1821 an old beggar woman put a curse on the land.

The 15th Earl of Shrewsbury, Charles Talbot, was returning home on a winter’s night when and old lady stood out in front of his stagecoach.

He was angry that she had held him up so he shouted at her to move out of the way.  She explained to him that she was hungry, cold and homeless.

He refused to help her so she placed a curse on him and his family that for every branch that falls from a nearby oak tree one of his family will die.

That night a storm broke out, a branch fell from the tree and a member of his family fell ill and died

Today the tree is chained up to try to prevent branches falling off.

Sharon second from left with friends during the ghost walk

Sharon, said: “They were all shocked. No one else had caught anything like mine. It caused a stir around those who saw it. They all said it was very spooky and a good catch.

“It looks like a lady with a long gown on. Lots of people are saying that. Lots of people can see what I see.

“When I look at that picture I think ‘hang on a minute, maybe there could be’ [something supernatural out there].

“You are a sceptic until you see that [the picture] and then you are like ‘oh my God’. After seeing that [I think differently] as I know it’s my own picture. I’m now a lot less sceptical and believe it now.

“I’ve not had any other experiences myself but I would like to. Though I think I would be quite scared, I would love to make me fully believe.”

What do you think?  I’m not too convinced. It could be a reflection.



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