Missing man claims a UFO took him to Durham

Its been a long while since I last posted here.  Busy times lately but hopefully I can get back into posting regularly again.

This story got my attention, probably because it’s just down the road from where i live.

A man from Middlesbrough, UK, phoned the police and claimed a UFO had taken him to Durham.

Last December the man from Middlesbrough was reported missing but was found safe and well in Durham.

When asked about where he had been he couldn’t offer and explanation about his disappearance as he had been on a ‘UFO to Durham’.

Apparently there has been a surge of UFO sightings in Middlesbrough and the Teesside area.

One Woman from Hartlepool who had been questioned with being involved in an incident, denied being involved as she had been out in a UFO.

One of Britain’s leading UFO experts Russ Kellett has said that there is an underwater base in the North Sea which is why there have a been a lot of UFO sightings in the area.

“I found out not so long ago that there is an underwater base in the North Sea,”

“That is why we see them – they are just coming in and out of the sea.”

He claims he even has footage showing UFOs leaving the waters.

If this guy did travel to Durham in a UFO he didn’t fly for long, maybe a drunken walk?




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