Fighter jets chase UFO over Buglaria

Many eye witnesses have said they saw two fighter jets chasing a UFO over the skies in Bulgaria.

The sighting was posted onto the Portal 12 website and does show what looks like an A10 Warthog jet chasing a disc shaped object.  It happened near Nova Zagora which is a town in southeast Bulgaria.

Many people in Nova Zagora and its surrounding areas and villages confirmed they had seen the jets chase the UFO.  One witness said “After about five minutes, the mystery object suddenly change direction flying left, the two military planes were unable to respond”

There is no other information regarding this sighting other than what is on the Portal 12 site and the photo.

What do you think, is that disc shape craft a UFO?  They say 2 aircraft chased it, but only one seems to be shown in the photo.



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