Triangular UFO megastructure caught on nightvision camera over Melbourne

This looks quite interesting.

A UFO described as an “alien megastructure” has been caught on a night vision camera while looking at the stars over Melbourne in Australia. The UFO seems to appear out of nowhere then fade out and vanish.

The video was posted onto UFO ‘Lou’s YouTube channel.  The say – Never seen anything like this before. Object seems static. Simply appears, lasts a few minutes, then vanishes. Massive in size. Using a 50 mm lens. Orion’s belt in frame for scale.

They do note that they can’t rule out the possibility that it could be some sort of reflection.

Many of the comments have suggested it is a craft using a kind of cloaking technology.

One comment by Jeff Patton says.”Craft showing cloaking technology, most probably interdimensional”

What do you think? UFO or something closer to home?





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