Did aliens visit Kaikoura in New Zealand?

Debbie Smith, a resident in Kaikoura, New Zealand, took a photo of this landscape to help her with an oil painting.  Later when she was looking through her photos on her computer she noticed she had captured two strange objects.

New Zealand ufo circled

“The distance I was standing was so far away that it would be far too big to be a drone. Neither object appears immediately before or after in the sequence of photos I took, and no balloon could move so quickly out of frame.” said Debbie

She said that at the time she did not hear a noise and that she would have noticed if they were something normal like birds.

“Whatever it is, it must have moved fast.” she said

Debbie took the photo between 2pm and 3pm on Thursday 22nd October.

She sent the photo to Tauranga’s UFOCUS group who were said to be very excited about the photo and they sent it off for closer analysis.

Kaikoura has had its fair share of UFO sightings over the years.  Strange lights were famously spotted in December 1978 by a cargo plane as well as an Australian TV crew.

In April 2012 a strange floating light was sighting but this was debunked to being a paper lantern.

Also in December 2013 an object flying over the peninsula was recorded on video and posted on YouTube, this was also debunked. It was apparently a bee flying close to the water.

So are these alien spacecraft, could they be alien probes, or can this also be debunked?


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