Most haunted house in Ireland part 2 – New video, still fake!

Do you remember not so long ago when I posted a video which apparently showed a poltergeist raging terror around a kitchen at a home in Ireland?

It had been created by Ashy Murphy and turned out to be very much fake as you could see fishing line at certain parts of the video.  In fact there were 2 videos and they did get a lot of media attention as I had predicted.  If you didn’t read it here then you no doubt would have read about it in some national newspaper.

Well guess what, Ashy Murphy is back with a new video.  The “poltergeist” activity is still in the kitchen but near the end we go outside into the garden and see a swing moving by itself.

It’s still a big fake (not that this was ever going to be real) and its not much better than the previous videos as you can see 2 fishing lines in this new one.

2 strings

Here is the new video.  From around 1:18 to 1:27 the 2 fishing lines are very much visible.

On Ashy’s Facebook post with this new video she says “I cant cope with this anymore”.   I guess she can’t cope with having to smash-up her good mugs and teapots, and then having to clean up the mess when she is finished 😀

Ashy,  ……Its time to give up!


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