The ghost of Cannock Chase is caught on camera

A ghost hunter, Tom Buckmaster, believes that he has caught on camera the most convincing evidence yet of the so-called Black-Eyed Girl of Cannock Chase in Staffordshire, England.

Tom captured the spooky figure in the darkness on Saturday evening while he was investigating the area for his TV show Haunted Finders.

He posted the footage into his YouTube channel.  In the video a faint glow of what could be figure can be seen briefly as the camera pans around.  Tom believes it can only be the Cannock Chase ghost.

He said: “I definitely believe this proves there something out there. As I explain in the video, the figure seems to carry its own light source through the darkness of the woods, which a living person would not.

“This to me as a paranormal Investigator is amazing and every person including investigators I’ve shown agree that it’s an amazing piece of evidence.

“We have shown this piece of evidence to a number of people already that don’t believe any of this and each one of them couldn’t explain it and all said it’s a figure walking when asked what they thought it was.

“A lot of sceptics will always deny evidence because it’s not that they want proving wrong, they don’t want to believe at all.

“I think the paranormal puts fear in a lot of people because it’s the unknown and people fear the unknown and I think this is one thing that causes scepticism in our field.”

Tom decided to investigate Cannock Chase for a his TV show Haunted Finders after hearing of a lot of reports of ghost sightings there.

“We were drawn to Cannock Chase after all the reported sightings of ghosts and other paranormal entities. We wanted to spend the night there and document our own findings and we were not expecting to capture the apparition.

“We only actually noticed as I was going over the footage for our Halloween episode and I was in total shock.

“I can honestly say now that this is by far the most convincing piece of evidence to prove ghosts exist, I have ever captured.”

What do you think?  It’s hard to make out what it could be.


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