A Most Haunted House

So I have just recently finished reading this kindle book, it didn’t take long, maybe a few hours over a few nights but I would recommend giving it a read if you’re looking for a true haunting story.

It was wrote about a young couple John and Sarah (not their real names) and their true accounts of when they lived in a very haunted house in Wales.

The book starts off about their life, then how they ended up buying the house, which when looking back at the time they had viewed the house, they should have known something was up judging by the behavior of the woman who own the house at the time.

Then it all starts to get crazy from morning after they had moved into their new home, as a door swings open just as they are waking up.

There are parts of the book which might not seem very believable, not to me anyway, like at one point during a time they had friends over to stay, they heard John shouting at an old woman downstairs and an old woman replying to him but when they went to investigate who he was talking to, he was fast asleep on the couch.

Anyway I would definitely recommend buying this for your kindle (if you do own a kindle) and reading it if you haven’t already done so.  It WILL give you the odd shiver now and again 🙂

Amazon link: A Most Haunted House


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