Chair moving on its own maybe proof that house is haunted.

This is actually very local to me.

A man from Gateshead, UK, who wishes to remain anonymous, suspected that his house was haunted so he called in the local Gateshead Paranormal Society to investigate his home and it appears his suspicions have been confirmed.

During their investigation on Sunday evening, they might have just caught proof that the house is haunted.

They set up a static camera and started asking spirits to show themselves and then a chair is seen being moved or dragged away from the kitchen table without anyone near it or touching it.

Terry Johnson – the founder member of the Gateshead Paranormal Society told the local Newcastle Chronicle that “We were just gobsmacked when we saw it”.


“We have never had anything like that before and we haven’t stopped talking about it since”.

“It’s the most compelling evidence we have got up to now on an investigation”.

The home owner also spoke to the Newcastle Chronicle and told them that he thought something strange was happening when his dog started behaving oddly.

He said “There were things happening we couldn’t explain, things like a sauce bottle being turned on its side for no reason.

“And our dog would sometimes just stand and look into space which he never did in the last house”

“That got the alarm bells ringing.”

The video doesn’t seem to have worried him too much though as he said he slept more soundly after the investigation was done.

He added “When I went to bed at first I thought I wouldn’t be able to sleep, but I don’t feel any different now.

“This has just confirmed what I thought all along, but it seems it’s a friendly ghost.

“I really wasn’t that surprised, I knew something wasn’t right.

“I have always believed in ghosts.”

Here is the video. I have watched it a few times and it looks genuine to me. Could those also be orbs flying around?


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