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Is that a ghost in this photo?

Did a ghost photobomb the picture taken of Sean Brady while he was at Tennent’s Vital on Saturday night?

The picture has been shared around social media with a lot of comments from people speculating whether or not the face near Sean’s shoulder could be a ghost.

The photo of him eating chips and gravy was taken by his wife Susanne. It wasn’t until Susanne uploaded it onto Facebook that someone spotted the strange floating head next to Sean’s shoulder.

Since Sean’s sister Gemma Mallon shared the photo onto her Facebook page it has been shared and commented on by hundreds of other people speculating as what it could be.

Gemma insists the picture has not been photoshopped are altered and was taken straight from her iPhone.

Here is the pic.  Ghost, photoshopped or maybe the work of an app?

Ghostly head
Ghostly head

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