UFO flies past plane at 20,000 feet.

A fashion model has spurred a UFO probe as a bizarre craft was seen flying past her airplane at 20,000ft in crystal-clear footage.

Valentina Rueda Velez from Colombia captured the moment the object zoomed past her cockpit window, which divided opinion online.


The woman, who has more than 110,000 followers, shared the video on an Instagram story that sparked an “investigation” among UFO fans.

Footage showed the plane flying in perfect conditions with blue skies and sunshine.

As Valentina kept the camera rolling from the front of the aircraft a bizarre object appeared on the right of the screen.

It then increased in size as it rocketed past the window.

Most viewers claimed it had a “disc-shaped saucer” appearance.

The clip was subsequently picked up by an extra-terrestrial aficionado, The Hidden Underbelly, who analysed the footage on his social media.

He said: “In this footage we get a clear view of this object and this looks damn good.

“It seems to be a saucer-shape craft.”

Barmy fans believed the extraordinary clip had the potential to be aliens making a rare visit to earth.

“That looks so real, great catch whoever took this video,” a YouTube user said.

“Definitely looks real to me – it’s always difficult to judge the size, possibly the size of a small car,” one added.

However, the video also drew in cynics who dismissed the possibility of aliens flying through airspace.

“It looks like a drone,” one claimed.

“I would guess it’s just flying debris,” another commented.

The video has more than 6,000 views.

Source: The Sun


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