New big cat hunting shows for Monster Week

The legends and rumours of big cats roaming the British countryside are back in the spotlight as two new multi-award winning shows on the subject both with shocking new evidence are set to air on our screens this week!

Documentary, Britain’s Big Cat Mystery and new reality TV show Cat Hunters: The Search for the Beast of Exmoor are both produced by Dragonfly Films and the director, Matt Everett claims that concrete proof of these mysterious beasts is here at last:

“It’s taken years of research and networking to gather the right evidence to do the story justice in a TV format.

“I think Britain’s Big Cat Mystery is the most thorough documentary on the issue that viewers will have seen. We paid real attention to exploring the history and the science, and actually we uncovered some seriously compelling evidence.”

And he promises it’s not all blurry photos and the testimonies of rural eccentrics either:

“We actually got big cat DNA, but to find out more people will have to watch the show!”

A multitude of scientists and experts are also on hand to analyse the evidence, including never before seen photographs, video, and forensic science.

In Cat Hunters: The Search for the Beast of Exmoor viewers will be taken on a travel adventure to explore a decades old mystery, with elements of high-risk action, loud engines, warped comedy, the latest consumer-level technology, and a four-strong team of quirky experts. According to the show’s producer:

“If you can imagine Finding Bigfoot on acid, but set in Britain instead of the States, swap out the Sasquatch for a leopard, and styled in the vein of Top Gear meets SpringWatch, then you’re probably not far off.”

And if that doesn’t sound entertaining enough, this show also promises to solve the mystery of the Beast of Exmoor – a legend nearly 40 years in the making, which is now so embedded in our popular culture, most investigators and researchers to ever stray into this mystery thought it impossible to uncover much by the way of lost evidence, but boy, were they ever wrong!? For hiding away in a few select regional news archives, the team may have found the identity of the very cat responsible for the Exmoor Beast legend (and so much more besides)…

Britain’s Big Cat Mystery airs on Friday 28th October at 9pm. Cat Hunters: The Search for the Beast of Exmoor airs on Sunday 30th October at 9pm.

Both shows will premiere on Blaze (FreeView 64, FreeSat 162, Sky 164, Virgin 216) as part of their special programming for Halloween called Monster Week.


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