Ghost hunter captures the spirit of a monk on film at Egerton Hotel in Bolton – UK

A ghost hunter is convinced he captured the spirit of a monk on camera during a paranormal investigation at an abandoned hotel.

Kriss Power, 37, believes he caught the robed, eight-foot figure on footage he filmed at the derelict Egerton House Hotel in Bolton, UK.

He made the chilling discovery when he watched the footage back after investigating the site, which dates back to around 1860.

The 200-year-old Victorian building was owned by a local businessman before it became a hotel. It closed down in 2014 and it has laid boarded up and abandoned ever since.

In spooky footage, Kriss says a torch turned itself on and a faint voice can be heard saying: “Help me.”


And elsewhere in the building, his girlfriend Sharon Vickers captured a picture of what appears to be a ghost-like arm coming through a door in the bar.

Kriss, who filmed the footage on Saturday night for his YouTube channel North West Ghost Adventures, said: “The building is boarded up, there is no way any light could have come in through the windows.

“The torch came on and started flashing and the radio started playing by itself.

“When I said ‘if there is any spirits here, show yourself in the beacon of light’, that’s when it appeared.

“I didn’t notice it at the time, it was only when I watched it back that I saw it on film.

“The spirit appears in front of the torch and it goes black, then disappears.”

Kriss, who lives in Urmston, said he believes the spirit to be the ghost of a monk that has haunted him since childhood – and stayed with him ever since.

He added: “It’s weird that it should show itself like that while I was investigating the building.

“I have been seeing the spirit since I was about five. It would show itself to me and I would be terrified.

“He’s about eight foot tall and faceless, with a black robe, it’s quite menacing.”

Kriss, who takes part in regular paranormal investigations, added: “It validates my belief that the afterlife exists.

“We don’t just die and that’s it. We are all energy and our energy lives on after the physical body dies.

“When we die physically, we are still alive in spirit.”

Kriss said he has been gifted with a spiritual connection since childhood and while it “frightened the life” out of him as youngster, he now confronts spirits.

He teams up with other paranormal investigators and films his findings for his YouTube channel which has almost 4,000 subscribers.

He added: “It is a bit scary, I admit. But if you show fear, it senses that and feeds off your fear.

“They get energy from fear, so I can’t show it.”

Source: Lancashire Telegraph



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