Lady’s pet camera captures the ghost of her dead cat curled up on the sofa

A Reddit user named ‘Chlochan’ posted footage taken from ‘pet cam’ that she claims shows the ghost of her dead cat curled up on her sofa.

The woman was shocked at what see saw so shared it on Reddit to get an opinion and answers.

She explained that her cat Blackjack passed away almost exactly a year ago on the day the footage was recorded.

She said “Not sure if this can be explained but I caught what looks like my cat Blackjack, who passed away almost exactly a year ago, materialising on our sofa (far left) when I turned the lights on from my phone. There was nothing black on the sofa just pillows that are red, grey and cream”

In the video, one of her two other cats jump off a bed and walks out to the corridor to greet her as she comes into the room.

As she turns the lights on and the camera is still in night vision Blackjack appears to fade into view on the sofa, and when the camera turns to colour Blackjack can be seen as a solid black figure.

She looks straight at the cat but apparently she seen nothing. She also ruled out the possibility that her other cat was on the sofa as she said they are mostly white with brown, ginger and black patches.

Viewers have been divided after watching the video as some believed the dead cats spirit paid her a visit on the anniversary and others thought it was a bag, however if it was a bag it looks transparent when it first appears.

One said: “That IS your black cat who has passed, sitting on your couch. People talk about people in the spirit form who have attachments to certain places, but our animals who have an attachment may also appear to us.”

Another agreed and said: “That’s some pretty compelling evidence. Definitely looks exactly like a black cat sitting there and you clearly didn’t see him with your own eyes when you walked in the room.

One comment disagreed though and pointed out: “It was there throughout the whole video as well, it didn’t materialise, it just turned black when the camera went from night vision to colour.”

Another added: “You can see the outline from the beginning. It doesn’t materialise, it just appears because of the different light mode.

“At first I was impressed and thought it was a cat materialising but now I’ve watched it 4-5 times, I can see it clear as day. Yeah, it looks like a cat, but I don’t think it’s anything paranormal. It doesn’t move.”

Reddit post can be found here: Could this be a ghost of my cat? Anyone able to figure out what it is?

What do you think, did Blackjack come back to pay his owner a visit?


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