UFO spotted and filmed in the skies above Barnoldswick – UK

A UFO has been captured on film flying in the skies above Barnoldswick, UK

The video was recorded by Mark Gill after his 12 year old daughter spotted the glowing object while out in the garden of the family home on VE Day.

Mark said “We were all sat in the garden when Ruby saw this bright orb-type object in the sky. I think one of us said ‘how bright is that star?’ I wondered if it was the planet Venus but then it started moving really quickly. It lasted around five minutes in total.

“I’ve never seen anything like it in my life. It was moving really erratically. Unbelievable really. A UFO is an unidentified flying object and that’s exactly what it was. I’ve got an open mind, but I’m not saying it was aliens, it could have been a military craft.”

Mark does have suspicions that it may have been a drone but his friends believe it was moving too fast for it to be one.

He said “It could be a drone or even a government or police drone. I just know that it was very fast,”

What do you think, UFO, drone or something else?


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