YUTU-2 Moon Rover ‘gel-like’ substance discovery may hold the key to Todmorden Alien Abduction Case

News reports confirmed that in July 2019 the Chinese Moon rover YUTU-2 had discovered a strange gel-like substance whilst exploring the surface of the Moon.

When the headlines broke across the world’s media that YUTU-2 had located the substance ZWT Jameson felt compelled to revisit the witness testimony he had collated from a man claiming to be one of the last existing government-backed British UFO investigators.

Publications including the Daily Express, the Hong Kong edition of the China Daily and many others covered the story.

Jameson was reminded of an alien abduction case he was discussing with the witness when conducting the interview for his recently released book, 1 of 26.

During that interview they discussed several aspects of the case including a strange substance found on the body of the alleged abductee, Zigmund Adamski.

In June 1980 Zigmund Adamski left his house in Tingley, near Wakefield to do some shopping. He wasn’t seen alive again.

His colleagues at the Lofthouse Colliery claimed his disappearance was a complete mystery.

Five days after he disappeared Adamski’s body was found in a coal yard in Todmorden. The body was discovered by Alan Godfrey, the policeman who would also claim to have seen a UFO five months later.

Todmorden and the surrounding Pennine hills have long been established as a British UFO hotspot with many sightings reported.

But the Adamski case is perhaps the strangest of all; the physical evidence of the gel-like substance marked it out against other reported sightings and alleged abductions.

James Turnbull, the coroner who examined Adamksi, stated that while he had disappeared for five days, Adamski was discovered with only a day’s beard growth. The ointment found on the back of his neck during the autopsy, of which samples were sent to the Home Office for examination, remains unidentified to this day.

When questioned about whether Zigmund Adamski had been abducted by aliens, the policeman Alan Godfrey said that he was open minded and that he couldn’t rule it out.

Alan Godfrey released a book, ‘Who of What Were They’ which detailed both the Adamski case and his own UFO Encounter.

The link between the gel-like substance found by YUTU-2 and the strange ointment found on the body of Zigmund Adamski could pose a potential answer behind one of the many unexplainable facts surrounding the case.

The Chang-e-4 lander and Yutu-2 rover landed on the far side of the moon in January 2019, becoming the first spacecraft to reach this unexplored region of Earth’s only satellite.

Jameson commented:

‘The potential connection was flagged up during one of the interviews I held with the witness and relates to one of the most interesting instances of an alleged alien abduction, the mysterious disappearance of Zigmund Adamski’

The witness claimed that whilst there could be a connection, nothing could be confirmed until an examination of both substances could be made. The witness also said that if these samples were confirmed to be the same, and as the substance on the Moon was discovered in a crater, it could potentially prove that alien lifeforms had visited the satellite.


About ZWT Jameson:

ZWT Jameson is a writer whose projects include being part of the creative team behind a movie in development with Warner Bros called ARES which Academy Award winning director Robert Zemeckis has signed up to direct and was written by Geneva Robertson-Dworet (Captain Marvel, Tomb Raider).

More information can be found at: www.1of26.com

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