Top Paranormal Moments Caught on Camera in 2019

You might be aware of ghost hunters from popular shows on TV. You should know paranormal activities are not a myth. There are people who are known to have experienced paranormal activities.

In this article, we are going to take a look at some such situations trapped in a camera.

Family Captures Spooky Activity

The spine chilling footage had been filmed by a family who had been experiencing some unnatural happenings at their home. As the family starts to film the video in the kitchen and lounge room, the door of the cabinet swings open. After a while, a little girl from the family is seen singing in the bedroom and the camera captures something absolutely terrifying.

As the girl moves her head while singing, the video shows a tall and sinister figure standing at the bedroom’s corner. The figure appears to have black hair and is wearing a black robe. However, the little girl isn’t bothered by the presence of the scary figure as she is seen to continue with her song.

This could be a poltergeist and might be causing all the unnatural incidents in the house.

Investors Experiencing Ghostly Activity in Pensacola

Some investigators from Pensacola had experienced abnormal activities. These investigators have done almost 600 investigations in Central Florida, South Carolina, and Panhandle.

The founder of the group, Jill Millers states Pensacola is an active place when it comes to ghostly activities. This is because it is an old town and much has happened here. According to the investigators, even though most of the spirits are good ones, there are some that are not.

In the video, check the right-hand corner of the screen. As you take a closer look, you will notice a dark figure walking across. This maleficent spirit is lingering at a house in East Hill. The team had various ways to capture this but it was caught on night vision camera. The team also uses full spectrum camcorder for catching the spirits in action.

The spirit had been caught by the motion trackers. When the video was slowed down, you could see a hazy outline on the left shoulder of Jill.

Security Camera Traps Abnormal Activity

This video has been uploaded on Dj Ashab’s channel. According to him, he came home and discovered that one of the courtyard doors had been left wide open even when he clearly remembers locking it before leaving. This made him check the security cameras to find out what has happened.

The video shows the door opening all by itself. Many contests of this footage is fake. However, DJ Ashba commented that during the incident no one was present in the house. Also, the video shows a strange flash of light a few seconds after the door opens. This will make you feel that the clip might actually be genuine.

Poltergeist in the Closet

This is an incident involving two young girls who had been exploring a creepy looking house. When they enter a room, the girls comment that the room feels colder than the other parts of the house. They just had flashlights for guiding them. The girls start searching through the clutter. They come across a close and one of the girls open it to take a look inside.

As soon as the door is opened, there is a flash of light and they both run away screaming. The video ends after this. When you slow down the video, you will notice what scared them. It was actually a ghostly face that had sunken and dark eyes. The video showed the figure shouting at the girls asking them to leave.

However, it is difficult to say what really scared the girls. It might have been the spirit of the previous resident or something else entirely.

Poltergeist Lifting Pots in the Kitchen

Even though the video is not that clear, it appears like the video has been taken from the security camera of a warehouse. The clip starts as you get to see a man taking a ladder. He comes back after a little while with a trolley and opens up the door to the warehouse. The video shows the main closing the doors of the warehouse. Nevertheless, he couldn’t shut it completely.

After a few unsuccessful attempts, he leaves the door open and pulls away from the trolley. Suddenly, the headlight of the passing car shines across the warehouse doors and you can see something being stuck in between for s split second. At a glance, it looks like a lifeless human. Nonetheless, if you slow down the footage, you will be able to see a transparent figure that can only be seen in the headlights of the car.

Ghost Jumps into the Well

This video will show you well along a wall. When you take a glance, it didn’t show anything extraordinary. Nevertheless, if you take a closer look, you will notice a shadow-like figure in the dark that jumps into the well.

Some viewers joked about the video but others thought that this might be the spirit of someone who lost his or her life by falling into the well.

Abnormal Activities Around the House

This video has been captured by investigators by setting up cameras around the house. It shows things being thrown out of its place. You will also see a fruit bowl being dragged across the kitchen. All these happen in broad daylight. However, viewers seem to feel that it is nothing but a setup.


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