7 tips for ghost walks and haunted tours.

History is vital to our existence as human beings. So it does not really come as a surprise that we are taking adequate steps to studying it. A lover of knowledge will not mind making a last minute flight deals in the wake of some interesting historical news. Even if the last minute movement were Sydney to Melbourne flights.

There are many approaches to studying history. The ghost walk and haunted tour approach is not your usual history class. This study of history is not for the faint of heart. If you are considering a ghost walk or haunted tour then you should consider these seven tips too.

Read about the subject

Most ghost tours are a combination of the history and a little bit more to it. In this regard, it is good you know about what will be discussed during the tour. The idea of a tour is to have fun while learning history. It is not just about the fun alone. So do your research and confirm it with what you learn.

Mentally prepare yourself

This is very important because ghost walks are not always a stroll in the park. The subjects of discussions are usually disturbing parts of history. Some people also claim to see ghosts during these tours. So you may want to mentally psych yourself.

Do not take things too seriously

Yeah, you need to relax. Sometimes, the things we see are usually due to our perception. This is why you just have to be flexible during haunted tours. The idea is to enjoy it not sticking to it. Try to see the comedy in everything. Do not let the pitch of the narrator’s voice make you shiver.

Go with what you are comfortable with

Fun is not getting you scared. That is why you should stick to your own level and idea of fun. It is no longer fun when true fear sets in. This is probably one reason why people see ghosts as well as other strange things. The reason you research on the subject matter is to ascertain it meets your confines of fun.

Enquire about the nature of the tour

This is important for everyone. People have what they are comfortable with and what they are not comfortable with. You should inquire about the nature of the tour to ensure you are comfortable with it. Someone with fear of tight spaces should avoid a tour conducted in a tunnel.

Talk to people

This is before you go on a tour and when you return from the tour. You should talk to people when making enquiries about the tour. You can also talk to people after the tour to share your experience. This has a therapeutic effect as you get to take away some things from your chest.

Go for debriefing if need be

This is very good and healthy way to end a ghost walk or haunted tour. The things you experience are not usually forgotten. They also have a way of affecting us. This is the more reason you need to meet a professional to guide you on how to be free.

Ghost walks and haunted tours are not talking about nice parts of history. If you want to know the disturbing parts of history then you need to empower yourself enough.

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  1. My sister and her husband are planning on going on vacation in a couple of months, and they are wanting to do a ghost tour in one of the cities that are going to be traveling through. I found it interesting when you explained that it is important to relax during the tour, and to see the comedy in the different things you will be seeing. I’ll be sure to share this information with my sister so that they can know how to enjoy the tour.

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