Is there a paranormal spot near you?

Hi Paranormal Globe readers I need your help.

I have created a map to document paranormal spots around the world and ask for your help in marking them on the map.

The idea of the map is to help us all to see if we are close to any known paranormal activity wherever we are in the world.

Do you know of any haunted houses, UFO sightings, alien contact, alien abductions, crop circles or strange creatures that are close to you that you are willing to share details about?

Maybe you have visited somewhere or even just witnessed something today you that would like to mark on the map?

Maybe you host a paranormal webcam that you would like to mark on the map?

If the answer is yes then please head over to the Paranormal World Map page and add your marker and details.

You can add pictures and information to the marker and you can also add a link to show more details if your images or info are posted on a website.

Thank you



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Paul, owner of Paranormal Globe. I have always found the paranormal interesting and fascinating. I am sharing and writing about all things paranormal. Read more in the about page.

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