Best Practices To Ward Off Evil Spirits in the Home

Evil spirits are a real nuisance, and they typically haunt places where there has been a lot of trauma or grief. They also tend to attach themselves to people whose spirit is deprived. In most cases, evil spirits in a home manifest through strange noises, images, feelings and smells. They are similar to demonic hauntings but are less escalated. Evil spirits can make a home feel creepy, uncomfortable and fill the occupants with extreme fear. Luckily, there are several methods that people can use to ward off these spirits from their home. Before expounding these techniques, it helps to mention that efforts to ward off spirits from may worsen the situation and paranormal activities might intensify. The following are among the most effective strategies.

The Smudging Practice

This method involves the burning of herbs. The practice has its roots in the Native American tradition, and it was widely utilized for psychic, emotional and spiritual purification. Native Americans also used smudging to cleanse an object, a person or a place that manifested negative energy. The practice involves the use of a smudge stick that is comprised of herbs like cedar, sage and sweet grass. To perform the cleansing ritual, the stick is ignited and carried by the cleanser to every corner of the room including the basement.

People who don’t like the smoke may substitute the herbs with essential oils like lavender, Palo Santo and sage. To cleanse the home using these oils, the homeowner may use a diffuser or a spray bottle. Using essential oils is also an excellent option for cleansing workplace areas or dorm rooms where smoke might be frowned upon. Some essential oils like sandalwood not only keep off evil spirits but also prevent demonic entry.

Communicating with the Spirit

In some cases, a homeowner may ward off evil spirits by asking them to leave. For this purpose, they may use phrases like “this is not your residence; please move on”. Other people also add blessings or well-wishes like “I wish you well on the journey to your new home.” Some trapped or stubborn spirits may, however, want to stick around for a little longer. When this is the case, the only option left is to order them to leave or banish them. The latter is a more extreme method that is usually reserved for malicious spirits. Banishing includes using spells and incantations that will compel them to cross over. It should, however, be noted that banishing a spirit may agitate them at which point they may cause harm.

Feng Shui Them Away

Feng shui addresses chi and sha, which is the flow of good and bad energy in a home. Since feng shui operates under the principle that energy imbues both living and non-living things, it’s perceived as an excellent method of warding off evil spirits. When applying the feng shui technique, the first task involves transforming the home’s energy from negative to positive. This entails placing items such as Pi Yao, hollow metal rod wind chimes or Wu Lu in strategic areas of the house. These items absorb the bad energy on which evil spirits thrive, which in turn dispels them and prevents them from lurking in the house. Feng shui also utilizes salt and essential oils like lavender, frankincense, jasmine, cinnamon, roses, peppermint and basil to create a sanctified space that can’t harbor evil spirits.

Using Cleansing Crystals

Different crystals carry diverse meanings, properties and purposes. Those that are ideal for clearing negative energy and promoting peace in a home include selenite, kyanite, hematite, obsidian and desert rose. Selenite and desert rose are also great at dispelling static energy. These crystals are charged by leaving them in on a windowsill during a full moon at least once in a month. To chase away the evil spirits, people are required to put them in dishes and strategically place them around the house. They may, for instance, place them by the nightstand or wear them as jewelry. These crystals also require to be soaked in salty water overnight to clear them.

Getting Professional Help

Evil spirits are tricky and may need extra convincing to move on. It’s, therefore, important that home occupants seek help from religious leaders and spirit releasers. This is especially necessary when the spirit appears to have vanished, but its manifestation resumes after some time. Spirit releasers and religious officials will also come in handy when the evil spirits are extremely hostile. Before calling these professionals, it’s important that homeowners prepare sufficient evidence of the paranormal activities, and be clear about their location and the periods in which they occur.

To eliminate evil spirits from a home, it’s important to cleanse the entire vicinity, which might necessitate calling people who are experienced in this exercise. It’s important to note that the above methods are only ideal for removing unwanted spirits from a home. If the house has a poltergeist or a demonic entity, the homeowner should seek professional help from trained religious leaders or spirit releasers

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