Is this the ghost of a child playing with a balloon?

Gail Roberts who is the owner of the Kings Mill pub in Wrexham, UK, believes that this video is proof that a child ghost haunts the pub. The video shows the ghost child playing with a balloon throughout the pub.

The balloon was from a birthday party which was being held in the pub earlier that day.

In the evening Gail was cleaning up after the party when she spotted the balloon moving all by itself. She took out her phone and started filming it.

There was apparently no windows open at the time and the pub doesn’t have any fans or air conditioners which could have been a plausible explanation.

Strange happenings have often been reported in the pub such as objects moving all on their own. It is believed to be haunted by a small boy.

Gail said “This incident gave me quite a scare, especially when it began moving in my direction. At first we thought that it is the wind from the window, but all windows were close”

Gail also explained that there were around 20 other balloons which hung quietly and didn’t move. That was the only balloon which floated around the pub.

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