Would you stay the night in the ‘most haunted’ room on the Queen Mary?

Ever wanted to be brave and spend the night in the most haunted room on the Queen Mary? ..well now you can

For the first time in 30 years, visitors can book what is considered to be the ‘most haunted’ room on the Queen Mary, an iconic 1936 ocean liner that is moored about 26-miles from downtown Los Angeles.

Stateroom B340 has had paranormal activity for years. Previous guests reported having lights and faucets turning on and off by themselves. Others recalled having their bed covers pulled off while they were asleep. Some said they saw a dark figure standing by their bed.

Representatives of the historic ship say paranormal encounters have taken place in Stateroom B340 dating back to the ship final ocean voyage in 1967.

You can rent the room beginning Friday, April 13. Prices start at $499 a night.

The room also offers a chest with items including a Ouiji board, tarot cards, crystal ball and ghost hunting equipment.

To book a reservation, click here.

Source: News4JAX


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