Indie sci-fi film to bring fans together in alien first contact event

Kansas City – A crowd gathers to watch someone emerge from a downed space craft.  Is it an alien?  Is it an Elon Musk test flight gone wrong?

This scenario will take place in Missouri over the summer, as part of production of the independent film ‘Not From Space.’ Producers of the sci-fi feature will invite fans to the film location to watch and be part of the crowd scene.

‘Not From Space’ follows a dysfunctional news channel on the day aliens arrive.  The scene depicting a crashed space ship will span twenty minutes of “breaking news” coverage in the film.

17% of the movie is already completed in an innovative production method that brought together its fake correspondents via green screen.  The growing cast includes Jay Plyburn, formerly of 5News Arkansas, playing the White House Correspondent, and Kim Iversen of Premiere Radio’s “The Rendezvous with Simon and Kim” as Justice Correspondent.

Indy Mogul’s Jake Kassnoff, host of Backyard FX, is on board to design and build the spaceship.

The film is written and directed by Jeffrey Michael Bays who also wrote and produced the original XM Satellite Radio version of Not From Space (2003), winner of the Mark Time Award, Communicator Award, and listed by Time Out as among the top five “most essential radio plays of all time.”

Crowdfunding deadline is March 28:

Watch the ‘Not From Space’ teaser trailer


*this post was written by the ‘Not From Space’ team at Borgus Network


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