Mother catches creepy whispering during sons tantrum

When Ash Birdy’s mother asked how her grandson was doing Ashy decided to filmed her toddler son during a tantrum to show her mother how naughty he was being.

Little did she know that she would record a spooky ghostly whisper.

Ashy’s mother heard the voice in the video and is convinced it’s a spirit whispering “hunt her”.

Ashy explained that you can hear the TV in the background but believes the voice was not from the TV.

Ashy told CafeMom website “I noticed the whisper the first time I heard it, after sending it to my mom in a message on Facebook

“I’d only started recording in the first place to answer her question when she asked if my son’s behavior had improved, as he’d been somewhat out of control for the past week or so prior. I listened to it about six times in a row because, for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out what might have made that awful sound.”

She decided to share the clip on Facebook to see what everyone else could hear that voice and find and explanation as what it could be.

Those what commented on the clip say that it gave them goosebumps and that it is a spirit voice, there were even claims that things started moving in people’s homes after viewing the video.

What do you make of it?


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