Live Footage of Paranormal Activity that will Intimidate You

Paranormal activity really isn’t new. Some of the best dash cams and spy cameras have caught some disturbing footage over the years, so take these to serve as part of the brouhaha.

The Shadow in the Room

This footage was captured by a woman from the U.S. It shows paranormal activity occurring in her room, and although a lot of people have come out to condemn it, the proof is pretty convincing as it seems to come from a spy camera.

In it, we see her lying down in her room. The half-shut door swings wide open on its own, and her blanket is pulled off about 20 seconds into the footage.

Suddenly, a dark shadow flashes at the top corner of the footage as well as some transcendence orbs. It sure makes it even creepier that the lights begin to flicker on and off.

The School Ghost

Seems ghosts have enrolled in an Irish school. Surveillance cameras captured some spooky occurrences in bone of the hallways at around 3 in the morning on the 1st of October at CBS School (located in Ireland) just a few weeks to Halloween.

Suddenly, lockers began to shake, books were flung, doors slammed open and shut, and a plastic sign on the floor was flipped as well….. all of this happened without a single person in sight!

Upon viewing and examining the footage, Deerpark Deputy Principal Aaron Wolfe, in utter shock and disbelief, sent a copy of the footage to Principal Kevin Barry.

Wolfe, who was still a fresh face around the school, admitted to being told of various strange and unexplainable occurrences that have happened in the past, from crying sounds being heard in the distance to hallways suddenly turning unnaturally cold.

Kitchen Weirdos

Ashy Murphy, a woman from Cork, Ireland, captured and shared terrifying footage of paranormal activity that occurred in her home, footage which showed inanimate objects suddenly taking flight around her kitchen.

You can hear loud crashes as the video shows the clattering of metal bowls on the door, a red bucket sliding across the room and appearing to head straight to her, and doors of cupboards uncontrollably swinging open.

“We have a guest in our home”, said Ashy as she shared the unnerving footage of her kitchen.

At the beginning, the footage shows the quintessential kitchen; nothing moving, nothing being thrown. All of a sudden, the ceiling lamp slowly begins to shake. It gains momentum over time and starts violently moving back and forth. This is where the pandemonium begins.


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