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Dear David shows himself in the haunted apartment

You may have heard of the guy Adam Ellis who started tweeting about his experiences of being haunted by a child ghost called Dear David. If you havent heard of him you can read my two posts from earlier this year here and here.

Well now things have got a lot creepier as Adam has now photographed Dear David, and the photos are very creepy.

Adam tweeted: “Last night I dreamed about him again. It was almost exactly the same as the first time I saw him. He was staring right at me, just like the first time. Again, I felt paralyzed & could barely move. But this time, something was different. David glared at me, and I dreaded what I knew was coming. He was going to get out of the chair and come toward me, like before.

“I thought, ‘If David is going to kill me, maybe I can at least get evidence on my phone’. I started snapping pictures in the dark. I felt terrified, but I kept taking photos. David limped closer toward me, never taking his eyes off me. Soon I was face to face with him.

“But it was a dream after all, so I got up and went to work, and after a while the stress of the dream melted away.

“But tonight I noticed something that petrified me. (Turn up your brightness)

“I went into my phone to find a picture from a couple days ago, & saw dozens of pitch black photos in my camera roll. All from last night.”

Adam also says he is now getting unknown callers calling him up and a small voice on the other end whispering “hello”

You can follow Adam on Twitter here.

What do you make of it?

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