Sightseer photographs a ghost while on a tour of Pentridge Prison

A visitor to the Pentridge Prison on Melbourne, Australia, believe that they have captured a ghost while on a tour of the prison.

Jodie Bezzina was taking part in a tour of the prison when she decided to take a photo of her boyfriend and cousin.

While looking back though her photos she was shocked to see a spooky figure lurking in the background in the photo.

Jodie told The Herald Sun “I had to look twice as I thought someone from the tour was standing by, but it wasn’t. We spotted a ghost.

“If you look directly at the photo, it’s behind the boy in the black hooded jumper, on the left-hand side.”

The Prison was established on 1851 and officially closed in 1997 and is notorious for ghost sightings with one ghost said to be that of an ex-inmate Mark ‘Chopper’ Read who is often seen lingering in the hallways and shadows.

Do you think this is a ghost in the pic?



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