A woman captures a ghost walking behind her dogs in her home

The Chris Moyles Show is a popular radio breakfast show here in the UK hosted by Chris Moyles and his team on Radio X.

Every morning listeners send tweets, facebook messages and anything else in general to the show to try to get a mention or get a discussion going on the show.

Every now and again something grabs their attention. Today a video sent in by a listener not only grabbed the attention of Chris and the team, it also freaked them out!

The listener sent a video of what just looks like dogs running towards the camera, but if you look closely in the background a ghostly figure can be seen walking across the doorway.


They said that a friend took the video of her dogs yesterday and it wasnt until they played the video back that they noticed someone walking past the doorway.

As no-one else was home at the time they called the police thinking that it could have been an intruder but the police said that there was no sign of forced entry. They can only explain it as a ghost. They said its the freakiest thing they have ever seen!

The Chris Moyles show shared the video onto their Facebook page and it has received a lot of comments.

One comment suggests that as the dogs ran towards her someone must have opened the door, so she couldn’t have been home alone.

Others suggest it’s just the dog’s tail making it look like a person walking by.

However a good few believe it is a ghost with one person saying “I would have to move house”

What do you think?

You can watch the original clip from the Chris Moyles Show here.





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