US Navy whistleblower releases classified UFO photos

Retired US Navy Commander Graham Bethune has released classified UFO photos which were apparently taken back in 1989.

Bethune released the photos as he believed that revealing the truth was more important than his U.S Military reputation.

The photos weren’t actually taken but Bethune, they were sent to him by a close friend of his who wishes to remain anonymous. They took the photos on September 27, 1989.


The location of the UFO was said to be near Nashville, Tennessee. The photos look like the craft was either landing or taking off.

The photographer is said to have been driving through a rural area near Nashville, they were looking to take photos of the night sky when they spotted a light moving behind a line of trees.

They got out of the car, headed towards the line of trees for a better view and started taking pictures of the UFO. The National UFO Center believes the photos to be genuine.

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