Has this man ever appeared in your dream? Or woman in my case

So almost every night I dream, dreams that are vivid and sometimes crazy. I have even had the odd dream that has scarily come true, but I will keep that story for another day.

Now last night I had a weird dream, I can’t remember where I was in the dream but I remember being with two other people, people who I have never met before in my life… Not that I know of anyway.  There was a man and a young woman.

I woke up from that dream with it firmly planted in my mind. I remembered the young woman as I thought she was a bit strange looking, bushy eyebrows, biggish lips and had olive skin.

As the morning went on, still thinking about the dream, I remembered reading a couple of years ago about a man who seems to appear in people dreams from all corners of the earth. I googled it and lo and behold the face I was looking at on my laptop screen was very very similar to what I remember the young woman looking like in my dream.

Imagine this picture with long hair, olive skin and feminine features.


I had not been reading about this strange man in people dreams the day before, it hadn’t even entered my mind. I cant think of anything that would have influenced me to make me dream of this person. It wasn’t until this morning after the dream that made me remember about him. Although in my dream this man was female.

So my question is, has any of you readers ever had this person appear in your dreams?

Here is another created image of the mystery person.


The mystery all stared in 2006 when a patient of a well-known psychiatrist drew a picture of a man who repeatedly appeared in her dreams and that he gave her advice on her private life.

The picture was lying on the psychiatrists desk for a few days when another patient see’s the drawing picks it up and says that he recognised that face as a man who visits him in his dreams and claimed he to has never seen the man in waking life.

The psychiatrist decides the send the drawing to their colleagues and within a few months four other patients recognised the face as a man also appearing in their dreams.

Since then at least 2000 people have apparently claimed to have seen him in their dreams from all corners of the world.

Since it all started in 2006 no living person as come forward or been recognised as the man in the drawing.

Some theories suggest this man is an archetypal image belonging to the collective unconscious that can surface in times of stress, dramatic changes in life, emotional times etc.

I am actually going through a bit of a stressful and anxious time at the moment so this could be a plausible explanation. Although he appeared as she in my dream.

Other theories are that he is in fact the image of our creator, and that he is the image of which God manifests himself to us.

Maybe he is a real person who can somehow enter peoples dreams. Again in my dream he was female so he could be in disguise or a cross dresser.

Whatever the explanation it is certainly strange. I had not dreamt of this person before last night, but again this person was in female form in my dream.

There is website conducting research into who this person is and trying to find people of who’s dreams he has appeared in. The site is at www.thisman.org

Have any of you readers had this person appear in your dreams, either as a male or female?

It would be great too see if anyone else has had a similar experience.






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