Ghost appears on live TV show spooking the presenter.

A celebrity clairvoyant Mhoni Vidente was only supposed to be predicting the weather when things to a strange turn.

As she was talking about her weather prediction, co-host Carlos Arenas gets spooked by seeing a set decoration spinning around in the background after a piece of scenery falls down just as the clairvoyant spoke of the existence of angels.

Viewers believed that the piece of falling scenery was in fact an apparition of a ghost.

After the show Mhoni tweeted that she had felt and ‘aura’ or ‘powerful spirit during the show.

She apparently developed her clairvoyant abilities after being struck by lightning back in 1989, allowing her to speak to the dead and predict the future.

Why the clip is so poor I have no idea, surely popular TV shows in Mexico are broadcast in HD or better quality than this!

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