5 Creepy Freaky Unexplained Mysteries!

So as we are nearing the time of Halloween when creepy and spooky stories get shared,  thought I would share five of the creepiest and freakiest unexplained mysteries which I find fascinating.


The Story of Lerina García

On the July 16th 2008 41-year-old Lerina Garcia woke up as normal only to find that her bed sheets were a completely different set and colour. This made her confused and a little disturbed as to how they could have changed during the night while she was sleeping.

Not being able to come up with an explanation she got ready and headed out to work where she had been employed for the past 20 years.

However, when she arrived at her office she found there were strange people there who she had not met before, not only that but when she headed towards her own office she noticed that there was a different name tag on the door which wasn’t her name.

She decided to call her boyfriend Agustin but someone else answered the phone and told her that no-one with the name Agustin lived at that address.

Thinking there was something wrong with her she headed to the doctor who ran tests on her to check for any kind of drugs in her system but they all came back negative.

Months past and she still kept on finding small differences in her life.

Lerina became convinced she went to bed on night and woke up in a parallel universe.  That can be the only explanation right?



The Man from Taured

A man arrived at Tokyo airport in Japan back in July 1954. He was of Caucasian appearance and conventional looking, however, airport officials became suspicious of him.

Checking his passport they noticed the man came from a country called Taured, but there is no such country as Taured.

The officials interrogate him and ask him to point out on a map where his country was.

He points towards the principality of Andorra and becomes angry and confused as he couldn’t understand why his home country wasnt there and that he had never heard of Andorra

Customs took him to a hotel and kept him in a room with two guards until they could figure out who he really was.

They called the company he claimed he worked for, but the company had no knowledge of him even though he had a  lot of documentation to prove he did work for that company.

Also the hotel he had a reservation for had never heard of him and neither did the Tokyo officials who he was supposed to be doing business with.

Later, when they went to the hotel room which the man was being held in, they found it empty and the man had disappeared.  The police and guards said he could not have escaped out of the window as it was several floors up and it had no balcony.

Did this guy also cross over from an alternative dimension?



The Methuen Water Demon

In October 1962 Francis Martin noticed a spot of water on his den wall. He investigated it to see where it was coming from and a spray of ice-cold water shot from the wall for about 20 seconds before stopping.

Over few more weeks, the strange phenomenon kept happening all over the house, ruining furniture and floors.

Francis and his family moved out of their house and into his mother in laws home, only for the water phenomenon to happen there too.

They moved back to their own home and the strange water phenomenon gradually eased off and stopped. Nobody ever found an explanation as to what caused it.


The Green Children of Woolpit

Sometime back in the 12th Century a brother and sister wandered into the Suffolk village of Woolpit.

What made them stand out was the colour of their skin, it was green.

The siblings could not speak a word of English, they wore strange clothes and they apparently rejected all food offered to them expect for uncooked beans.

The stayed in the village and over time their green skin faded and they started eating a varied diet but no one ever found out where they actually came from.



The Getaway Driver

Back in the mid 1980’s two police officers from Roanoke, Virginia, where on patrol duty in an unmarked police van.

Just before twilight they spotted a suspicious looking vehicle driving slowly through the neighbourhood. They began to tail him but the driver spotted the police officers and took off at high-speed.

After being in pursuit of the vehicle for a while they realised the driver was heading towards Shaffer’s Crossing, a 100 foot long concrete railroad tunnel.

The police officers were about 200 feet behind the vehicle when all of a sudden the driver lost control of the vehicle and smashed straight into the concrete archway of the tunnel bringing the pursuit to a stop.

The officers were in shock as they both watched the vehicle smash into the archway and lift about two feet in the air completely destroying the vehicle. They remained in control of their own van and stopped a good few meters behind the crash.

However just as shocked as they were to witness the vehicle smashing into the archway there were even more shocked to see the driver, a white male, about 5 feet 10 inches and about 180 pounds, crawl out of the vehicles driver side window, seemingly unscathed and run off down into the tunnel.

The two officers immediately gave chase after the man into the tunnel.  The man was running hard but so were the officers and they never once lost sight of him.

They kept on chasing him and got close enough to see him clearly, but all of a sudden he vanished!

There were no exits in the tunnel, the officers examined every inch of the tunnel but they could not find any trace of him at all.

The officers were confused as to what they just witnessed.  Surely no one can just disappear into thin air?

They headed back out of the tunnel towards the crash site and to their surprise they found the driver, the suspect, the same clothes, height, weight and features, the man they had just been chasing was sitting in the driver’s seat of the smashed car. The steering wheel and the dashboard had crushed his chest probably killing him instantly.

The police officers never did get their heads around to what they witnessed. They were asked by their supervisor to leave out all references of their chase on foot of the dead man from their report.

Was the man so desperate to outrun the police that he carried on in the afterlife?




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