Is this a ghost shaking a washing line?

Before posting this I thought it may be a hoax but after watching and listening to the video a good few times I’m not too sure.

Lyndsay Mann from Armthorpe, Doncaster, UK,  couldn’t understand why her washing line was violently shaking all by itself so she decided to film it on her mobile phone.

It was a calm and clear afternoon when the strange incident happened.

In the video Lyndsey says “I daren’t go near it again. Oh my god, that is weird. It’s not even windy.”

Then someone else asks “should we call Ghostbusters or summat?”

Lyndsey replies: “A mole surely wouldn’t be that strong and if it was an earthquake we’d feel it.”

The Washing line starts to shake violently once again and so Lyndsay decides to run inside the house.

She posted the video onto Facebook asking friends for suggestions as to what could have caused it.

Some replies suggested it was a hoax and being pulled by a wire.

Speaking about the incident, Lyndsey said: “It was near Paxton Crescent where an old church used to be.

“Me and my mum was there as well as my daughter and my nephew and we were very scared I was shaking.

“It lasted about five minutes.

“It started while I was filming my daughter and nephew live on Facebook on the trampoline.

“I have no idea what it was, it’s only on a ground spike.

“People think it was a mole but the movement was way too violent to be a mole, I don’t believe in paranormal but that seems the only option. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

What do you think?



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